Guests with additional needs

A little background

We wish for everyone to feel welcome when visiting our experience at the Waverley Station and want to make you aware of the following.

Large crowds

Many guests visit us at once, around 500-1000 at a time this can mean areas can become crowded. We would recommend guests who struggle with crowds hold towards the back of the waiting area and when on the platform again hold back allowing the crowds to move forward. You may find it easier to board the train once others already have. Each carriage when on the train holds around 64 passengers with 8 carriages per train. We also operate the event from Waverley Station, a working mainline station and therefore the number of passengers around the platforms can drastically increase.

Loud Noises

Our experience involves music, actors with microphones a large train and large crowds, all which can, of course, produce loud sounds . For those with difficulties with loud noises, guests have found it helpful to bring ear defenders with them for the elements of the show / experience.

Flashing Lights

For 2023 we have introduced new lighting to our carriages. Therefore, there will be some flashing but not strobe lights on board the train and around our experience.


For guests with difficulties walking, we do try to accommodate you as best as possible whilst also having restrictions of running the event at a heritage railway. Unfortunately due to the design of our heritage coaches we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs.


Are there disabled toilets available?

Yes, we have toilets on site available for our disabled guests. Should you wish to use the facilities please ask a member of staff who will be happy to guide you to them. Please note there are limited toilets on board.

Can wheelchair users board the train whilst in their wheelchair?

Unfortunately due to the design of our heritage coaches we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs. If the wheelchair user is able to climb a step, and walk a short distance we can assist in boarding. Wheelchairs will be transferred to the arrival station ready for when you get off.

Is there any parking for guests with disabilities?

There is parking at the station however this can get busy, we ask all guests to plan ahead in advance. We will release more parking information nearer to the event.

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